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Why is commercial property booming?

July 18, 2021 Comments Off on Why is commercial property booming? By admin

Commercial property management and the rise of the super-rich are driving the market for residential properties, according to an article in the New York Times.

The Times reports that more than half of the homes sold in the U.S. last year were listed in the top 10% of all properties in the country. 

The article goes on to note that, according, to a Bloomberg report, the residential property market in the United States has been growing faster than the nonresidential market since 2006. 

“The super-wealthy are buying more properties than they can afford to lose,” says a real estate analyst with a brokerage firm.

“As demand continues to grow, more and more properties are becoming less and less affordable to anyone but the superrich.” 

As the super rich are buying properties more quickly than the rest of us, and the housing market is booming, the real estate market is also being affected by supply, says a spokesman for the Real Estate Board of New York, which regulates the industry. 

Real estate brokers are reporting higher demand for housing because of a shortage of rental housing, and also because the supply of homes is outstripping demand, says Paul Zagorin, vice president of market development for the brokerage firm Cole Williams. 

With the number of properties available for rent has decreased significantly, the market has become more expensive to purchase, and that has driven the supply down, says Zagorbin. 

Meanwhile, the number and size of rental units have decreased as well, and rental prices are also on the rise. 

But as demand continues, the shortage of affordable housing has been increasing, and as the super wealthy become more affluent, the price of rentals is going up, Zagors says. 

According to the U, median rents have increased 9.4% in the past year and the national average rent increased 3.8%. 

As demand for rental housing continues to increase, demand for affordable housing is going to continue to increase as well. 

This year’s report notes that the number, type, and location of rental homes has increased across the country, with the largest increase in new listings and sales in the Northeast, and in California, Texas, and New York. 

Additionally, a survey of 1,000 brokers conducted by brokerage firm JLL showed that rental property sales increased in 2015 by 2.5% and rentals of condos jumped 2.4%. 

And the percentage of renters who are homeowners has been rising steadily over the past three years, the report notes. 

However, as the price increases of rental properties increase, and prices of rental condos increase, the need for affordable rental housing will increase as the supply decreases, the brokers said. 

As more and larger properties are being sold, the rental housing market will be affected by demand for more and bigger properties, which is a trend that is not expected to slow down any time soon, according Zagobins. 

Despite the increase in demand, the increase of demand for rentals is not slowing down, the brokerage said.

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