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Broward property appraisal reveals $12 million for two unclaimed properties

August 5, 2021 Comments Off on Broward property appraisal reveals $12 million for two unclaimed properties By admin

Broward Property Management says it has received an undisclosed amount of cash from the City of Los Angeles for two properties that it bought and has no plans to use for a new development.

The $12.9 million in cash, which the property management said is in escrow, is in the form of a payment in lieu of payment for a loan, said the company in a statement released Monday.

The property management acquired the properties in January 2016 from the L.A. City Council for $4.6 million.

The properties are listed for sale at auction.

“It was not until recently that we learned of the existence of these two uncollected properties that the City Council had to approve the purchase, which is a great thing,” said Marc L. Hensley, a Broward City Councilman and an attorney for the property owners.

L.D. city officials confirmed the properties were unclaimed.

City officials say the uncollections are due to a lack of financial responsibility by the city and that the properties could not be sold to anyone.

The city has spent $3.7 million on land management since 2012.

The uncollection comes as the City seeks to redevelop the vacant downtown area, which has been left empty by the demolition of the city’s old Civic Center.

Landon K. Johnson, president of the Downtown Los Angeles Association, called the unclaimed money a significant loss for the city.

“This is an opportunity to make sure we have affordable housing available to all, which means that the people who live here have to compete for jobs and they’re being squeezed out of the marketplace,” he said.

The City Council passed a resolution in April 2017 requiring the property managers to report any uncolonized property.

City leaders have been working with the property companies since 2015 to develop plans for a mixed-use development, a development that would include a hotel and office space.

The proposal is being held up by legal challenges and delays, and the developers say they can’t afford to move forward without the funds.

“The property managers are in a tough spot.

They’re dealing with the city of Los Angles, which they are owed money by, and they have to be financially responsible with the money that’s coming in,” Johnson said.

“We have no intention of making any promises to developers, or paying the developers any money that we’re owed.”

City officials have said the properties are worth far less than they were listed for.

The Broward Community Development Corporation, which owns the properties, said in a news release that the property will be used for community use.

“Community benefit is an important part of our vision for the future of the downtown community,” said Jennifer T. Pichardo, chief financial officer of the Broward Corporation.

“Our city-owned property assets are in good standing, and we continue to work with property owners on their long-term plans for the properties.”

The two properties, at 801 East 17th Street and 801 South Broadway, were purchased by Broward Properties in October 2016.

Broward’s president and CEO, Mike L. Wigmore, said it is an “incredible honor” to receive the funds from the city, and he is looking forward to the opportunity to work in collaboration with the City.

“I’m extremely pleased to have the City and Broward together to support the redevelopment of downtown L.O.A.,” Wigwe told the Palm Beach Post in a phone interview Monday.

“They’ve done a fantastic job of revitalizing downtown L, and I’m very proud of them for that.”

A $15 million investment from the Downtown L.C.A., an advocacy group, is the latest of several initiatives that have been implemented to revitalize the downtown area in recent years.

The Downtown L, a nonprofit group that has spearheaded the effort to redevelop downtown L and help revitalize businesses, said earlier this year that it has raised $15.5 million from investors and private donors.

In addition to the funds raised in 2016, the Downtown LA Association also launched the Downtown Downtown L Investment Initiative.

In March 2017, the city also launched an effort called Downtown L: The Next Generation.

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