When a woman lost her baby, she gave it to her son

When a woman lost her baby, she gave it to her son

October 7, 2021 Comments Off on When a woman lost her baby, she gave it to her son By admin

A mom who gave her baby to her friend says she did it to protect her and her baby’s life.

She told ABC News she gave her newborn baby, named Luka, to her boyfriend.

Luka was born with Down syndrome.

“I didn’t know what to do with him,” she said.

He is now a baby, with Down Syndrome, in a New Jersey hospital.

Luka’s mother, Mina, told ABC that she gave the baby up for adoption.

ABC News obtained a copy of the adoption document that was sent to ABC News.

The adoption documents said the baby was adopted because he was in need of medical care, was malnourished and was very hungry.

There is no mention of autism in the adoption documents.

Mina said Luka had a “breath of fresh air” at the time of his adoption.

Lutas parents, the family says, were supportive and loving.

After the adoption, Mino Lutts mother said she was not concerned about the baby’s mental health or whether it would make an impact on her relationship with her daughter.

But now she is wondering if the adoption was in fact a lie.

In a letter to ABC, Lutashans mother said: “What you wrote in the press was false.

We never agreed to the adoption and neither did we ever intend to do so. 

The letter continued: We did not give Luka up for sale.

The adoption was a lie, and I know that you did not read the adoption records carefully and the truth is that we did not agree to the process.

 The adoption process was a charade to protect the relationship between Mina and Luka and was not about saving Luka from being put down.

This was not Luka.

He was born blind, deaf, and with a genetic condition.

He has Down syndrome, which means he has trouble hearing, and he was very malnortuned.

Luba was very happy, but he did not fit into your idea of what an ‘American family’ was.

When I found out that you were selling Luka to an entity that had nothing to do, I was shocked and shocked at how dishonest you were about everything.

I am angry with you, Manna, Luka wrote. 

Luka, who is now 7, and Mina have since decided to take the baby home.

They want to make sure he has an extended family who understands their situation and cares for him.

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