‘Theresa May has a big job’: FTSE 100 shares rise to record high as Britain’s unemployment rate falls

‘Theresa May has a big job’: FTSE 100 shares rise to record high as Britain’s unemployment rate falls

September 11, 2021 Comments Off on ‘Theresa May has a big job’: FTSE 100 shares rise to record high as Britain’s unemployment rate falls By admin

The FTSI 100 is now up more than 7% for the first time in more than a year, as unemployment rates in Britain fall.

The index jumped 6.1% to 1,836.50.

The FFSE has now topped the 20,000 mark for the 10th time in a row.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 index is up 1.7%.

The Bank of England’s inflation rate is at its lowest level in a year and inflation for the 12 months to March rose to 0.3%.

The UK’s GDP growth has been boosted by record-low inflation.

The pound has weakened against the dollar as the eurozone braces for more sanctions against Russia.

The UK economy grew at a 0.7% annual rate in the 12-month period to March, compared with a 1.4% increase for the same period last year.

The Bank said the economy is “well-positioned to recover in the coming quarters” and is “on track to remain strong”.

It said: “Inflation has remained low over the past 12 months and growth remains strong, reflecting a strong moderation in wage inflation and an improving labour market outlook.”

The unemployment rate fell to 6.9% in March, from 6.6% in February.

The rate has now dropped to 6% in a month.

It is also down from 7.2% in January.

Inflation was also at its highest level in six months last year, at 0.8%.

The economy grew by 0.1%, which was below economists’ expectations for a 0% gain.

It was the lowest rate since the end of last year’s Brexit vote.

The economy expanded at an annual rate of 0.4%, but this is the lowest since April 2017.

This compares with 0.6%, the lowest in a decade.

The ONS said: The headline unemployment rate increased to 6 per cent, which is the highest since the early months of 2018.

The number of people out of work fell to 764,000, down from 923,000 in the previous quarter.

The unemployment benefit payment, which has been rising at 1.3% a month since the Brexit vote, fell by more than half to £1,769 a week in the last month.

The headline rate is now 0.5 percentage points higher than it was before the Brexit referendum.

It rose to 689.2p in the quarter, down slightly from 691.3p in March.

Unemployment benefit payments rose by more in March than in the prior 12 months, while overall unemployment fell.

The Office for National Statistics said the labour market was showing signs of improving in the wake of the Brexit poll, although it noted that job vacancies remained “largely unchanged” and the unemployment rate remained above the 6.5% level previously recorded.

It said job vacancies were “still above the pre-referendum peak”, which peaked in March 2018.

“However, the number of vacancies has declined to around a third of the pre Brexit peak.”

The ONSA said the number with full-time work was at its weakest since March 2020, although the number was still higher than the previous high in March 2017.

The jobless rate was down to 6%.

The unemployment benefits payment rose by nearly 4% to £2,567.

The fall in the number working in the labour force was “a sign that many people are working less and more”, the ONS added.

The chancellor, Philip Hammond, has said the government will continue to provide “significant support” to people looking for work after the referendum result was announced on Friday.

“In terms of the employment market, there’s a lot of work to do.

But I don’t think we have any doubt that this has made the labour markets better than they were before,” he said on Monday.

He said the chancellor will continue the fight to make sure people in jobs in the private sector “get a fair deal and that the right deal for the economy.”

The chancellor has pledged to create an extra £1bn of economic growth over the next three years to boost the UK’s economy, but his plan has been criticised by business leaders.

The business lobby group, the CBI, said it would be “extremely difficult” for the government to “deliver a fair Brexit deal for businesses”.

The CBI’s director general, Andrew Tyrie, said: We are disappointed with the government’s plan to offer additional financial support to businesses, which will require additional tax revenue.

“The public will be worse off if the government fails to deliver the additional funding needed,” he added.

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