New rules to make it harder to reclaim land

New rules to make it harder to reclaim land

August 15, 2021 Comments Off on New rules to make it harder to reclaim land By admin

NEW DELHI — The new Land Registry rules are the most significant step yet to make reclaiming land in a state of unclaimed properties a challenge.

The rules come after an audit of more than 30,000 properties in the state showed more than a third of them were in unclaimed ownership.

The new rules have been welcomed by property rights activists and the land registrar, but not everyone is happy.

Land registrar of Hawaii, Chris Koehlenkamp said it is too late to reclaim lost land.

“We are in the process of getting the land to the land registry that we need to get this registered,” he said.

I think it’s time to stop thinking about it as a way to collect taxes or any other revenue from the state.

The registry, which is based in Hawaii, is the government agency responsible for registering and tracking the unclaimed, abandoned and unoccupied properties of the state and surrounding islands.

But it is now also tasked with dealing with the backlog of property owners that have not been registered or who have not paid taxes on the property.

“We want to make sure the land that is not in a public domain is not lost, and that the registrar is not required to go out and dig up land to reclaim that property,” Mr Koehlenkamp said.

Mr Koehn said he hopes the new rules will help ensure that the property owners do not lose the property as a result of the new registry.

“If it’s in public domain, it’s not lost,” he added.

The land registrars office in Hawaii has issued a statement saying the new law will allow for the re-adoption of property in Hawaii.

The registrar also issued a clarification that any property that is registered in Hawaii before the new land registries law takes effect will be exempt from the new requirements.

The registration requirements for the new laws apply to unclaimed and abandoned properties in Hawai’i, the Pacific Islands, Micronesia, and Palau.

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