How to install Windows 10 on a MacBook Pro with macOS Sierra

How to install Windows 10 on a MacBook Pro with macOS Sierra

August 6, 2021 Comments Off on How to install Windows 10 on a MacBook Pro with macOS Sierra By admin

macOS Sierra is the first major version of macOS since macOS 10.13.

It’s also the first version of Apple’s macOS that can run in the latest version of Windows 10.

The company has been releasing new versions of macOS every year since macOS Sierra’s launch in 2013.

Apple has yet to release a macOS update for the Mac since 2015.

Here’s how to install macOS Sierra on a new MacBook Pro, with some extra precautions.1.

Find the macOS Sierra Software Center 2.

Open it up and find the MacOS Sierra software bundle 3.

Select the “Mac OS Sierra” version you want to install.

This version has the latest macOS, and it includes all the updates.4.

Select a language.

It should default to English.

If not, download the language pack for your region here.5.

Select your graphics card.

It might also be necessary to disable any built-in graphics drivers to avoid crashing your machine.

The Mac OS Sierra 10.12 drivers are no longer available.6.

Choose your storage drive.

If you’re using a USB 3.0 drive, you’ll want to select the drive as your “disk” partition.

You can see the drive’s name by double-clicking on the drive, or you can select the disk as your partition by clicking on the disk icon in the lower-left corner of the macOS OS.7.

Open up Disk Utility.8.

Click the “Open” button.

The utility will open up a window.

You’ll need to choose your partition as the operating system partition (or “partition number”).9.

Type in your drive’s partition number.

You should see a blank space in the upper right-hand corner.

Type the partition number in again, and click “OK.”

You should now be able to type the drive name and see it listed in Disk Utility as the OS drive’s drive letter.10.

Right-click the drive you just installed macOS Sierra onto, and select “Properties” to set its drive letter to the correct one.

If it’s an SSD drive, select “Use as hard disk” instead of “Use SSD.”

If you want your Mac to automatically create a “pre-installed” version of OS X every time you boot, you can turn that feature on in System Preferences.

Open System Preferences and click the “Advanced” tab.

Under “General settings,” set the option “Automatic boot” to “On.”

You can also disable the automatic boot feature in System Profiles.

Open your Mac’s System Preferences, click the Utilities icon in front of “System,” and then click “General” from the left-hand menu.

From there, click “System Properties.”

You’ll be presented with the “General preferences” section.

Under the “Autosave” tab, you should see “Off.”

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