USADA to pay $8 million to Nevada medical marijuana patients

USADA to pay $8 million to Nevada medical marijuana patients

July 14, 2021 Comments Off on USADA to pay $8 million to Nevada medical marijuana patients By admin

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) is expected to pay more than $8.5 million to more than 50 Nevada medical-marijuana patients, who alleged they were targeted by a rogue physician who illegally prescribed the drug to them.

The payments, which the agency announced Wednesday, will be made through the Nevada Attorney General’s Office.USADA said the payments will be used to reimburse some Nevada medical cannabis patients who are not eligible for federal payments under the federal Compassionate Use Act of 1996.

The group of people were allegedly targeted by Dr. Steven J. Davis, who operated a clinic in Las U.K.-based anti-doping agency confirmed that Davis was among the group of whistleblowers who revealed Davis’s use of medical marijuana to treat his patients.

The medical marijuana is a Schedule I drug that is illegal under the Controlled Substances Act, which prohibits its use by anyone who is not a medical professional.

Davis is believed to have been working as a medical marijuana doctor in Nevada before the federal government banned its sale in November.

Davis, who was fired by the Colorado Department of Public Health last year, said he used medical marijuana as an aid to treat pain and anxiety.

He is also credited with helping patients with PTSD.

Davis allegedly prescribed the painkiller oxycodone to patients and patients with cancer and other ailments.

The DEA said the patients were given no other medications and no access to medical marijuana.

In a statement, USADA said that it has been “fully cooperating with the investigation” by the US Attorney’s Office, Nevada Department of Health and the Attorney General.

The payment was made through a program run by the state Attorney General to reimburse medical-dosing patients for medical-grade cannabis, said the statement from USADA, which did not elaborate.

Davis was fired from Colorado’s Department of Environmental Quality in January, following an investigation into allegations that he used the drug for patients with severe pain and other conditions.

In its announcement, the U.KS.-based agency said Davis has been a medical-doctor since 2002.

Davis has also been a licensed physician in the U,S.

and the UK, according to USADA.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Davis said he was forced out of the medical-research program after a whistleblower exposed his alleged use of the painkillers to patients.

Davis told the AP that he was fired for not reporting the use of cannabis to his state’s doctors.USADAA, the state’s agency charged with protecting medical marijuana users, said it was unaware of any investigation by the U of S. Attorney’s office into Davis’s alleged actions.

Davis’s medical-use license in Nevada expired in May and he has not yet applied for a new one, the agency said.

In addition to Davis, several other Nevada medical providers and caregivers were targeted, including two Nevada medical doctors and a Nevada physician who was also on the state board.

In January, the Attorney-General’s Office said it launched a criminal investigation into Davis.

In the same month, Davis resigned from his position as head of the state Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Davis did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Associated News.

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