The Arizona Taxpayers Alliance: The Arizona House is a waste of taxpayer money

The Arizona Taxpayers Alliance: The Arizona House is a waste of taxpayer money

July 4, 2021 Comments Off on The Arizona Taxpayers Alliance: The Arizona House is a waste of taxpayer money By admin

A group of Arizona taxpayers who want to reduce the state’s property tax bill are calling on lawmakers to pass a property tax relief package.

The tax relief bill, which was passed by the state Senate last week, would provide relief to more than 5.7 million Arizonans, with some of the biggest cuts to the state estate tax going to those with the highest incomes.

A state-appointed task force has already recommended the estate tax cut be extended to other taxpayers, including the elderly, and the Arizona Department of Revenue has also recommended it be extended for 2018.

“The Arizona estate tax is the most progressive in the nation, and is a critical tool for keeping Arizona families and businesses safe and secure,” said Scott Adams, the president of the Arizona Taxpayer Alliance.

“We must not forget the millions of Arizonan families and business owners who rely on the state to keep their businesses afloat.

We urge the legislature to pass this historic package, and help keep Arizona families from being ripped off in the process.”

Adams is a Republican who represents the 4th Congressional District in Arizona.

He says the state has over $1.6 trillion in property tax revenue, and that’s money the state needs to help families and small businesses.

The state currently has a property and casualty tax of just over $2,500, which is a 1.2% tax.

Adams says the estate taxes should be increased to provide the relief, but that the state is already underfunded by $1 billion a year.

Adams said the estate Tax Relief Act would help reduce Arizona’s property taxes by $100 million over the next decade, and could provide an additional $200 million in relief for 2018 and 2019.

He added that lawmakers should also consider the impact that the tax relief would have on the estimated $100 billion property tax budget in Arizona over the same time period.

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